The National Electoral Commission (NEC) is the sole authority, Constitutionally-mandated to prepare and conduct all public elections and referenda.

The President appoints all members of the Commission, after consultation with all registered Political Parties and subject to the approval of Parliament. The tenure of office of the Commissioners is five years, and their terms and conditions of service are prescribed by parliament.

In accord with the NEC Act, the Commission is entitled to appoint its own staff.


The NEC envisages an independent, credible and well-resourced institution that promotes democracy and good governance by continually administering credible elections that meet international standards and best practices.


The NEC conducts all public elections and referenda, registers all eligible voters, demarcates constituency boundaries and makes regulations for the efficient execution of its functions in promoting sustainable democracy and good governance.


  • Accountability The Commission takes full responsibility for its activities and will always be answerable to the people of Sierra Leone and to its partners.
  • Credibility – The Commission endeavors to win the confidence and trust of all Sierra Leoneans and the international community through the quality of its services.
  • Independence – In all the electoral matters, the Commission will ensure that it operates freely in its own best judgment, without taking directives from or being controlled by any person or authority.
  • Integrity – The Commission carries out its activities in an honest and truthful manner, and takes all reasonable measures to prevent willful wrongdoing by its officials.
  • Impartiality – The Commission will always be non-partisan and fair in all its activities.
  • Professionalism and Dedication – The Commission will endeavor to have a well-trained, professionally competent staff, dedicated to the delivery of trustworthy elections.
  • Transparency – The Commission is open at all times in dealing with all stakeholders in the electoral process.